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Zelda Songbook for 6 Hole, 7 Hole, 12 Hole, Double and Two Ocarinas

€ 9,95 (including 21% VAT)

This songbook will help you play your favourite Zelda songs, even if you can't read regular sheet music! 

There are seperate books for each kind of ocarina, so please make a choice between:

  • Zelda Songbook for 6 hole ocarinas
  • Zelda Songbook for the Songbird 7 Hole Plastic or Ceramic ocarina
  • Zelda Songbook for 12 hole ocarinas
  • Zelda Songbook for double ocarinas
  • Zelda Duets Songbook for two ocarina players.

The songbook will teach you to play the following songs:

Ocarina of Time
Song of Time
Epona Song
Requiem of Spirit
Minuet of Woods
Bolero of Fire
Kakariko Village
Kokiri Forest
Midna Desperate Hour
Saria Song
Song of Healing
Song of Storms
The Great Sea
Clock Town
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