• Posted by Astrid
    Hello together!
    After a STL-Water Ocarina I bought the Avek F-Major Ocarina from Soundscape. I´m satisfied with both of them. But because of my preference to bassy instruments, the Avek has a magic sound for me. It has to be played outside! :-) I think it is a well done construction and a very good price!

    Thanks also for fast sending and your support. :-)
  • Posted by Astrid
    Hello dear Ocarinaking-/FluteShop-Team,

    last week I recieved my ocarina and I'm satisfied with it. Thanks for sending it so fast and save!

    The sound makes me happy. :-)
  • Posted by Nigel
    My second order with you was excellent! I received the ocarina quickly and it sounds great! To everybody I would highly recommend the STL Ice ocarina! it's so beautiful
  • Posted by Nick
    I've just received my STL Zelda Ocarina, it arrived in great condition and it sounds great! It seems to play much better than my previous 6-hole ocarina from STL Ocarina. Till next time!
  • Posted by Mitch
    Highly recommended to purchase at this shop I received my order 2 days after placing the order! The ocarina (zelda from ceramic) sounds perfect!
  • Posted by Javier
    Your Zelda ocarina sounds much better than my old one thank you
  • Posted by Maria
    thank you very much for giving me an help! It has been very useful and now I can play high notes, I'm very happy.

    Best regards,

  • Posted by Max
    I bought my first ocarina from you guys and I love it!! It's been 1,5 weeks now since it arrived and I've been getting better at it every day up next I will buy one of your ceramic ocarinas, I heard they sound better than the plastic ones. Thank you!
  • Posted by Nick
    The customer service was suprisingly fast and friendly - my order I received after 2 days thank you
  • Posted by Jasmin
    Wow! The double ocarina is like a tenor and a soprano ocarina in one! I can't stop playing it! THank you for the quick delivery too!!
  • Posted by Mikkel
    Thank you for replying to my email. The package arrived 3 hours after I sent the message. The ocarina looks and sounds absolutely beautiful.
  • Posted by Mariette
    Just wanted to let you know that my parcel has arrived. The ocarinas are beautiful! Thanks for your help!
  • Posted by Smith
    Ordered both the Tenor Elf and the Soprano Elf ocarina - The tenor is nice and deep, and the soprano has a sweet high singing voice. Very happy with both of them
  • Posted by Kaan
    Just received the
    STL Hobbit Ocarina it's very beautifully crafted, a lot of detail. It sounds great too!
  • Posted by Chen
    Wow first of all I did not expect such a quick response to my email! And 2 days after placing the order it arrived in Germany. Now it's time for practicing
  • Posted by Britney
    Bought 2 necklaces on a wednesday and it arrived within 2 days, they look and sound beautiful
  • Posted by SongbirdFan
    Just received the 2nd Songbird ocarina I bought from you guys and it's amazing! Going for the double ocarina next!
  • Posted by Pierce
    Very happy with my STL Zelda ocarina in ceramic! Thank you guys!
  • Posted by Sandra
    Thanks for providing these beautiful ocarinas! Very happy with my purchase of the Nightingale soprano ocarina
  • Posted by charlie
    Back again for my 3rd ocarina! It was sent out late due to holiday I didn't mind but ended up having a great chat with somebody from the site! And they sent me a picture of the ocarina and sent it same day that was yesterday and low and behold it arrived today! Colour me impressed!! 5* for you guys every time couldn't recommend enough! Keep it up guys! 😁
  • Posted by Miranda
    Simply Amazing! The quality of the STL ocarina and speed of your service has astonished me. Will buy my next ocarina from you guys for sure!
  • Posted by Monica
    Thank you for the quick response to my email and speedy delivery of my ocarina ^_^
  • Posted by Jon
    For a while I was doubting to get a 12-hole zelda ocarina or a 6-hole ocarina. I decided to get them both and so far I've been playing mostly on the 12-hole. The sound is nice and round and it's not as hard to play as it looks!
  • Posted by charlie
    I recently received my 12 hole plastic tenor ocarina! I love it so much I've come back to write a review and buy another Ocarina!! Seriously the quality of these instruments is fantastic and I'm incredibly pleased so thank you 😊
  • Posted by Sean
    Just received my ceramic double ocarina from STL and it sounds absolutely beautiful. I did not expect such a clear sound throughout the entire range of the instrument. I'm impressed!
  • Posted by Paula
    I placed my order last Wednesday and 2 days later it arrived (to Germany). Thank you!
  • Posted by Masha
    Lord of the Rings - Elf ocarina... just a beautiful sound. I can't stop playing
  • Posted by Mikkel
    Fantastic service over email and speedy delivery@! Consider me a very pleased customer :3
  • Posted by Jonathan
    I just wanted to write that after having played ocarinas for all my life, that I decided to try an STL ocarina which I bought from your website. I'm very impressed with the quality. It's an amazing ocarina, by the way It's the green Hobbit ocarina.
  • Posted by Dasha
    I received the ocarina necklace today thank you so much!!
  • Posted by George
    After ordering two times from the fluteshop, I bought my last ocarina from Ocarinaking. The package with the ocarina arrived today and I'm very happy with it (STL Element Water Ocarina). It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. Good to have an entire website dedicated to ocarinas!

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