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A Link to Gerudo Valley Instructional DVD - Learn Zelda Songs on Ocarina!

€ 19,95 (including VAT)

• For C Major 12-hole ocarina and double ocarina
• Tips on how to learn and practice your favorite Zelda songs
• Tablatures are available
• A companion DVD for Echoes of Gerudo Valley CD
• Lessons on these well-liked Zelda songs:

1. Zelda’s Lullaby
2. Song of Time
3. Saria’s Song
4. Bolero of Fire
5. Midna’s Desperate Hour
6. Dragon Roost Island
7. Ballad of the Windfish
8. Gerudo Valley
9. Kakariko Village
10. Kokiri Forest
11. Song of Storms
12. The Great Sea
13. Song of Healing (bonus song)

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Im SUPER happy with my new ocarina, the STL dragon. What a beauty 0_0

I ordered an ocarina and couple other items with it, the package arrived today and everything was in order. Safely packaged and delivery went smoothly. Thank you! Ocarinaking and I'll be sure to shop once more!

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