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  • Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)21-01-2021 - 13:12:58Magnificent!Im SUPER happy with my new ocarina, the STL dragon. What a beauty 0_0


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)10-12-2020 - 15:34:38JoonasI ordered an ocarina and couple other items with it, the package arrived today and everything was in order. Safely packaged and delivery went smoothly. Thank you! Ocarinaking and I'll be sure to shop once more!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)07-12-2020 - 12:32:40SantaclauseI purchased 2 ocarina's for my kids last week, and very pleased to see it arrived well in time for christmas. They look beautiful, I bet they are going to love them! Thank you Ocarinaking


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)05-11-2020 - 12:30:25DennyFirst off I'd like to thank you for answering my questions and helping me decide between two ocarinas. Second, thank you for packing it safely and delivering it to my door :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)07-10-2020 - 21:10:39HumairaHello Ocarinaking,

    I hope you're well.

    I received my purchases today and they're of amazing quality. Thank you for all your efforts; I'm very happy with these products.

    Best regards,


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)23-09-2020 - 14:38:00NicoHello! I just wanted to say a big thanks to the ocarinaking staff for helping me pick the right Zelda ocarina! I went with the 'default' model of 49,95 and it does the job perfect. Beautiful tone and nicely in tune!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)18-08-2020 - 18:23:00Karin Engler???? Hallo an alle Mitarbeiter des Versandshops! ????
    Vielen Dank für die wunderschöne Water-Ocarina! Ich bin sehr zufrieden und übe fleißig. Es bereitet mir viel Spaß, meinen Instrumenten schöne Klänge und Melodien zu entlocken. ????
    Falls irgendwann einmal "Die Muse" (Songbird Ocarina) in Ihrem Shop angeboten wird, bitte ich um Benachrichtigung, denn das ist noch ein großer Herzenswunsch von mir! ❤
    Musikalische Grüße aus Deutschland von Karin.


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)17-08-2020 - 14:33:27StanThanks!!!!!!!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)31-07-2020 - 11:05:06Sara Gonzalez TenorioI ordered a couple of things and wasn't too happy with one of them. They were super helpful and nice to me and didn't have any issues with me returning one of the items, with all the time delays that that implied. Everything turned out great and I love my Elf tenor ocarina. It sounds great and it's got a very special and whimsical look to it, with its iridiscent shine.


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)08-07-2020 - 11:36:13JamieAfter missing out on ordering a triple ocarina last month, I had requested to be informed again when new stock was in. You kept your word and sent me an email with the message that the ocarina was available again, and I immediately jumped on it! The ocarina just came in and it's been very refreshing to have access to such a wide range of tones!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)24-06-2020 - 11:40:47JoaQI was worried that the coronavirus crisis meant that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on some of the new STL models from you guys. Thankfully, after being ensured that you still ship internationally, I've decided to go for it and after a few days the order arrived with no problems whatsoever :) I'm currently playing on the new Nebula ocarina and it's simply fantastic!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)04-06-2020 - 10:40:54StanleyMy order has just arrived in perfect condition. The ocarina sounds fantastic compared to my old ocarina and i'm sure this will rekindle my joy of playing. Thank you.



    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)21-04-2020 - 14:24:05Benthank you for the fast service. i've just received the hobbit ocarina and it's simply fantastic. consider me a very pleased customer.kind regards ben


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)27-03-2020 - 11:34:03ZandraI'm really happy that you guys exist! I've been getting my last couple of STL ocarinas from you and everytime it's been a lot cheaper than ordering them from America due to the lack of the import taxes. Keep it up please!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)26-02-2020 - 10:55:21Christina Fereiraeverything with my order went really smooth, i received the ocarina reasonably fast, noticed there were no instructions included with my ocarina and thus i sent you an email. within a matter of minutes, i received an instructional booklet and finger sheet in PDF file in the mail. i'm very happy with your service!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)23-01-2020 - 11:08:40KellyAwesome service Ocarinaking staff! I received a quick reply to my question about the LOTR ocarinas, and managed to successfully pick one that suits my hands and my tonal preference! I can't stop playing it!!!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)06-01-2020 - 12:51:53JesperWishing you guys a happy 2020! i'll surely continue ordering many of your ocarinas this year ;)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)09-12-2019 - 13:51:29AdiThanks for the fast delivery, i'm very happy about it and also the quality of the ocarinas that i ordered!!! I will surely be back for more :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)26-11-2019 - 11:31:12Teacarina fanThe teacarinas are so much fun and they look so cute! I've got all 4 of them and might want to take another pack ^^


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)07-11-2019 - 16:05:06ArianaJust received my 12-hole Zelda ocarina! Fantastic ocarina!! I'll be back for my xmas shopping :D :D :D


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)17-10-2019 - 12:50:20JazzHello! Just stopping by to say big thanks!! You guys have helped me to increase the size of my ocarina collection with some beautiful models by Songbird and STL! ;)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)30-09-2019 - 11:38:16SintaThe STL Zelda ocarina sounds sooo much better than the one i got of amazon! I'm really pleased I feel like I finally have a proper instrument to actually learn how to get good at playing the ocarina!!!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)03-09-2019 - 21:01:35AstridThank you for making my wish come true and that you helped mit to get a Muse in D from Songbird-Ocarina! "She" is my most beloved wind-instrument since month! :) Thanks, dear Bryan!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)23-08-2019 - 16:38:10FabianI bought the Cypher soundscape ocarina and i must say that its an excellent ocarina! I would totally recommend it, especially with the discount that is atm.


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)16-08-2019 - 19:44:16ZoraI'm pleased withthe ocarinas i've ordered thus far! That would be the STL zelda 12-hole ceramic ocarina and the Bass plastic. Planning to order more in the future from you guys! :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)20-07-2019 - 17:48:49ChrisJust wanted to say thanks to Ocarinaking for the brilliant customer service when I messed up my order and Bryan went out of his way to resolve things for me.
    This kind of customer service is rare these days so deserves the recognition. I will be returning for future purchases.
    Thanks again.



    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)20-06-2019 - 21:29:03Welmeri cant be more happy with the service you guys have provided and with the ocarina that i bought. It's the STL Elf ocarina from LOTR. It has a beautiful low tone and a cool design!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)05-06-2019 - 16:53:53LiaDear, thank you so much for the service over whatsapp, i am delighted to start my journey on my freshly arrived STL Zelda ocarina!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)28-05-2019 - 11:49:53Nickthanks for the quick delivery on my order! most likely I will return for a double ocarina in the near future, i'm thinking of getting the STL venom green double, it look so cool and sounds great in the video B)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)16-05-2019 - 11:16:23StefI've been a returning customer for almost a year now, and Ocarinaking has never let me down! With my last order they even included a cute little necklace ocarina as a surprise! Thank you guys for the good service! :) ;)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)25-04-2019 - 18:30:36RavnIm just a customer, but I would like to recommend this Europan ocarina-seller. (Netherlands)
    I have bought alot of ocarinas from them, and they always deliver fast and has a fantastic customer service.
    They have a bunch of sweet ocarinas from Songbird and STL,

    They did send me the wrong ocarina this one time, but they sure made up for it bigtime and gave me so many options on how to refund/swap it. They even threw in a gift and a huge discount.+ free shipping

    So a HUGE thumbs up, just thought you guys should know about theese guys.
    (I know the pain of being European and waiting for stuff from the US/Asia)
    They also have a flute-shop with other kinds of flutes


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)19-04-2019 - 15:14:07BodoToday I've got my new Ocarina from Focalink. It realy sounds so much better then the one from OcarinaWind. And like you indicated: especially the high tones sound clear and smooth.
    Thanks for your advice and all the best wishes for a happy easter,


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)15-04-2019 - 11:06:11NinoThanks again guys! The hobbit ocarina just arrived earlier today and it's amazing!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)02-04-2019 - 11:29:33Miathe Songbird ocarina of time looks and sounds beautiful. i'd like to order a 6-hole ocarina too to wear as a necklace!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)27-03-2019 - 12:47:45Lilyhi! just want to say Thank you for all the advice. I received my beautiful ocarina today.


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)13-03-2019 - 16:56:43Jamalthis shop is fantastic! i've ordered once last year and just received my second order. the STL ocarinas have a really beautiful sound and they are so fun to play! thank you for providing these instruments in Europe :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)04-03-2019 - 18:49:09Lennartthanks you for the help you provided over the phone and for sending me the beautiful Songbird baby dragontooth ocarina!! it looks and sounds really good! :) :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)26-02-2019 - 18:46:52KenThank you for the STL zelda ocarina! fast delivery, no issues and it sounds great!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)19-02-2019 - 11:33:31Georgethanx for the speedy delivery of my Zelda ocarina! I love to play it so much!!!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)07-02-2019 - 19:05:43AstridHello together!
    After a STL-Water Ocarina I bought the Avek F-Major Ocarina from Soundscape. I´m satisfied with both of them. But because of my preference to bassy instruments, the Avek has a magic sound for me. It has to be played outside! :-) I think it is a well done construction and a very good price!

    Thanks also for fast sending and your support. :-)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)03-02-2019 - 15:54:32AstridHello dear Ocarinaking-/FluteShop-Team,

    last week I recieved my ocarina and I'm satisfied with it. Thanks for sending it so fast and save!

    The sound makes me happy. :-)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)01-02-2019 - 17:31:19NigelMy second order with you was excellent! I received the ocarina quickly and it sounds great! To everybody I would highly recommend the STL Ice ocarina! it's so beautiful


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)27-01-2019 - 22:13:10NickI've just received my STL Zelda Ocarina, it arrived in great condition and it sounds great! It seems to play much better than my previous 6-hole ocarina from STL Ocarina. Till next time! :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)21-01-2019 - 16:45:40MitchHighly recommended to purchase at this shop I received my order 2 days after placing the order! The ocarina (zelda from ceramic) sounds perfect!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)06-12-2018 - 00:19:18JavierYour Zelda ocarina sounds much better than my old one thank you :D


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)16-11-2018 - 12:10:47MariaHi,
    thank you very much for giving me an help! It has been very useful and now I can play high notes, I'm very happy.

    Best regards,



    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)01-11-2018 - 21:05:00MaxI bought my first ocarina from you guys and I love it!! It's been 1,5 weeks now since it arrived and I've been getting better at it every day :D up next I will buy one of your ceramic ocarinas, I heard they sound better than the plastic ones. Thank you!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)02-10-2018 - 17:28:32NickThe customer service was suprisingly fast and friendly - my order I received after 2 days thank you


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)20-09-2018 - 12:34:36JasminWow! The double ocarina is like a tenor and a soprano ocarina in one! I can't stop playing it! THank you for the quick delivery too!!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)27-08-2018 - 18:01:31MikkelThank you for replying to my email. The package arrived 3 hours after I sent the message. The ocarina looks and sounds absolutely beautiful.


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)09-08-2018 - 17:35:06MarietteHello!
    Just wanted to let you know that my parcel has arrived. The ocarinas are beautiful! Thanks for your help!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)31-07-2018 - 14:46:32SmithOrdered both the Tenor Elf and the Soprano Elf ocarina - The tenor is nice and deep, and the soprano has a sweet high singing voice. Very happy with both of them ;) ;)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)14-07-2018 - 12:23:58KaanJust received the
    STL Hobbit Ocarina it's very beautifully crafted, a lot of detail. It sounds great too! :D


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)18-06-2018 - 17:52:47ChenWow first of all I did not expect such a quick response to my email! And 2 days after placing the order it arrived in Germany. Now it's time for practicing :)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)12-06-2018 - 15:15:37BritneyBought 2 necklaces on a wednesday and it arrived within 2 days, they look and sound beautiful ;)


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)25-05-2018 - 14:58:31SongbirdFanJust received the 2nd Songbird ocarina I bought from you guys and it's amazing! Going for the double ocarina next!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)16-05-2018 - 13:32:28PierceVery happy with my STL Zelda ocarina in ceramic! Thank you guys!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)11-05-2018 - 22:51:37SandraThanks for providing these beautiful ocarinas! :D Very happy with my purchase of the Nightingale soprano ocarina :D


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)05-05-2018 - 18:59:24charlieBack again for my 3rd ocarina! It was sent out late due to holiday I didn't mind but ended up having a great chat with somebody from the site! And they sent me a picture of the ocarina and sent it same day that was yesterday and low and behold it arrived today! Colour me impressed!! 5* for you guys every time couldn't recommend enough! Keep it up guys! ?


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)04-05-2018 - 18:22:37MirandaSimply Amazing! :D The quality of the STL ocarina and speed of your service has astonished me. Will buy my next ocarina from you guys for sure!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)02-05-2018 - 12:21:19MonicaThank you for the quick response to my email and speedy delivery of my ocarina ^_^


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)01-05-2018 - 11:45:13JonFor a while I was doubting to get a 12-hole zelda ocarina or a 6-hole ocarina. I decided to get them both and so far I've been playing mostly on the 12-hole. The sound is nice and round and it's not as hard to play as it looks!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)28-04-2018 - 04:11:36charlieI recently received my 12 hole plastic tenor ocarina! I love it so much I've come back to write a review and buy another Ocarina!! Seriously the quality of these instruments is fantastic and I'm incredibly pleased so thank you ?


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)17-04-2018 - 14:27:36SeanJust received my ceramic double ocarina from STL and it sounds absolutely beautiful. I did not expect such a clear sound throughout the entire range of the instrument. I'm impressed!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)16-04-2018 - 13:58:09PaulaI placed my order last Wednesday and 2 days later it arrived (to Germany). Thank you!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)11-04-2018 - 14:49:29MashaLord of the Rings - Elf ocarina... just a beautiful sound. I can't stop playing :? :? :?


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)10-04-2018 - 12:30:45MikkelFantastic service over email and speedy delivery@! Consider me a very pleased customer :3


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)06-04-2018 - 13:30:57JonathanI just wanted to write that after having played ocarinas for all my life, that I decided to try an STL ocarina which I bought from your website. I'm very impressed with the quality. It's an amazing ocarina, by the way It's the green Hobbit ocarina. :D


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)04-04-2018 - 14:41:51DashaI received the ocarina necklace today thank you so much!!


    Engels (Verenigd Koninkrijk)30-03-2018 - 18:07:06GeorgeAfter ordering two times from the fluteshop, I bought my last ocarina from Ocarinaking. The package with the ocarina arrived today and I'm very happy with it (STL Element Water Ocarina). It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. Good to have an entire website dedicated to ocarinas! :D



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Im SUPER happy with my new ocarina, the STL dragon. What a beauty 0_0

I ordered an ocarina and couple other items with it, the package arrived today and everything was in order. Safely packaged and delivery went smoothly. Thank you! Ocarinaking and I'll be sure to shop once more!

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