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Soundscape 'Avek' Ceramic 12-Hole Ocarina in F Major (Tenor / Bass) + Accessories

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Soundscape Ocarinas are designed by musicians - for everyone! They put the focus on bringing you optimized tuning accuracy and sound quality at the best possible price. All Soundscape ocarinas are currently on sale!

The Soundscape ‘Avek’ ocarina is tuned in F Major, possibly the most common key right after C Major ocarinas. It has a deeper and more bassy sound than C Major ocarinas.

The ocarina is made of high grade ceramic and features the classic 12-hole design. It is tuned to F Major, in the Tenor-Bass range. It is an accurately tuned instrument with a beautiful round tone.

Recommended for beginners who want a quality ocarina, or ocarina players who are looking to upgrade to a better instrument.

The ocarina comes with the following accessories:

  • ‘Avek’ Ocarina
  • Protective ocarina bag
  • Booklet with playing instructions & sheet music
  • Beautiful neck strap

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