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STL Purple Clay Mini Ocarina - 12 Holes - Ceramic - C Major (Soprano)

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Take this mini ocarina with you wherever you go!

This instrument is a brand new, 12-hole purple clay soprano ocarina. It is only about 3 inches long, accurately tuned in the key of C Major, with a pitch range of more than an octave and half (13 notes). It also has the capability of performing sharps and flats. We have included a fingering chart and an instructional booklet with this ocarina.

What is Purple Clay?

Purple Clay, also known as ( Zisha or Purple Sand ), is a rare natural mineral resource found only in the region of Yixing, China. It is comprised of clay and other minerals such as quartz. Although named "purple clay" it is usually rose-brown in color, although some other colors exist. Because of its unique blend of minerals, purple clay is more durable than other clays once it has been fired. It is also more porous. As a result, ocarinas made of purple clay actually improve with time. As the clay absorbs the moisture created by playing, the clay vibrates differently and becomes more resonant.

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Im SUPER happy with my new ocarina, the STL dragon. What a beauty 0_0

I ordered an ocarina and couple other items with it, the package arrived today and everything was in order. Safely packaged and delivery went smoothly. Thank you! Ocarinaking and I'll be sure to shop once more!

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