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STL D&D 'The Sorcerer' Ocarina - 12 Holes - Ceramic - F Major (Alto)

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  • A dramatic ocarina
  • Scarlet base veined with golden fire
  • Formidable design with a visceral presence, optimizing innate magic qualities
  • Ages and ages ago, a legendary sorcerer trapped a ravenous fire elemental inside this ocarina. Lit from within, this sentient ocarina was all but invisible.

    But when a sorcerer came near, it began to pulsate, recognizing its inner calling to be held.

    Only a true sorcerer, a bearer of arcane magic, can recognize this ocarina. A sorcerer with the right amount of fire to channel its forces and play it...

    Held by a true sorcerer, this ocarina melds with its player in thought and magic. Wondrously crafted, this enigmatic ocarina is a sorcerer’s inner ear and wisdom bearer. Once picked up, the player’s natural skills ignite the ocarina’s fire.

    Picking up this ocarina means releasing your inner magic – and inner fire.


    --- 12-hole alto ocarina
    --- Accurately tuned in F Major
    --- Pitch range from D5 to B-flat6
    --- Measures 13 cm
    --- Handcrafted from high-grade ceramic
    --- Online instructional booklet included



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Im SUPER happy with my new ocarina, the STL dragon. What a beauty 0_0

I ordered an ocarina and couple other items with it, the package arrived today and everything was in order. Safely packaged and delivery went smoothly. Thank you! Ocarinaking and I'll be sure to shop once more!

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